Ways your donation could be used

Time investment into Sailor
Travel expenses to free software related conferences and other tech events
Time investment into advocating for the Lua programming language
This website's hosting and domain (5$/mo + ~10$/year)
Lua and Sailor stickers to be distributed on conferences
A tip or coffee for the developer(s) :)

Donate small amounts (0.10-2$) weekly via Gratipay

Donate single amount using Bitcoins:

Pay people to resolve specific issues or implement features on Sailor on BountySource


If you wish, a name and an URL can be listed here (valid for donations of any amount).
Just email lua.sailorproject@gmail.com about it :)

Sponsoring opportunities

If you are a company interested in supporting the development of Lua web developments tools more extensively, you can email lua.sailorproject@gmail.com so we can have a conversation about it. We will also happily display your company's logo on our web page.