Features on version 0.5 (Pluto)

  • Compatible with Lua 5.1, Lua 5.2 and LuaJIT (Compatibility may depend on web server used. 5.3 compatibility not verified yet)
  • Luarocks setup
  • Runs over Apache2, NginX, Mongoose, Lighttpd, Xavante and Lwan web servers
  • Using Windows, Mac or Linux systems
  • Compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and other databases supported by the luasql library
  • MVC structure
  • Parsing of Lua pages
  • Routing
  • Basic Object-relational mapping
  • Validation
  • App comes already shipped with Bootstrap
  • Include, redirect
  • Sessions, cookies
  • Login module
  • Easy deployment (unix only) -> sailor_create "app name" /dir/to/app
  • Form generation
  • Lua at client (possible through a Lua=>JS virtual machine deployed with the app)
  • Friendly urls
  • Inspect function for better debugging => similar to a var dump
  • Custom 404 pages
  • Relations
  • Model generation (reading from DB)
  • CRUD generation (reading from model)
  • Theme and layout (now you can have multiple layouts inside a theme. e.g. 1-column and 2-column)
  • Integration with Busted for unit and functional testing of your apps


  • Improvements of Lua on the client side
  • Integration with mod_lua's DB API and DB module refactor
  • Improvements with the ORM

Directory tree info

  • /docs - this one is supposed to have documentation
  • /lua-to-js-vms - different Lua->Javascript virtual machines for use of Lua on the browser with Sailor
  • /rockspecs - Rockspec files for LuaRocks install
  • /src - Lua modules with nice stuff from sailor and other places.
  • /sailor - Sailor modules
  • /sailor/blank-app - blank Sailor web app, can be copy pasted as base for your own apps
  • /test - apps for testing and demonstration purposes
  • /docs - this one is supposed to have documentation

Supported Environments

Sailor has been tested under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and is currently compatible with the following webservers: Apache2 with mod_lua or mod_pLua, Nginx with ngx_lua, or any CGI-enabled web server, like Civetweb, Mongoose and Xavante, if CGILua is present. The most tested environments are Mac and Ubuntu using Apache2 or Xavante.

Last updated 6-July-2015 16:17 GMT+1